Sam Jacob Studio is a collaborative architecture and design practice that makes buildings, places, objects and strategies.

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Sam Jacob Studio
5 Rear
Thornhill Road
London N1 1HX
United Kingdom
+44 (0)207 251 6735


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V&A Gallery, Shenzhen
Chicago Pasticcio
The Stack
Surrey Street Market
Thames Nocturne
Fear & Love / Design Museum
A Very Small Part Of Architecture
Queen Adelaide
V&A East Strategy
UIC VPAC Arts Campus
One Thing After Another
MK Menhir
There Is No Inside, There Is No Outside
Dar Abu Said / World of Fragile Parts
Socialism / Social Hub
Ruburbia Masterplan
Biomimic Design
London Grotto
Everything Flows
Insulation Scarf
Twice Removed
Almost Thonet
Plank Scarf
A False Description of the Thing Destroyed
A Cushion For Charlotte
Flemish Bond T
Half Timbered T
Lenin's Urn
Room Service
18 Windows
Ghost Lamp
Pattern As Politics
Sun Beam
Neon Hoop
Solid Shadow
Non Stop Erotic Monument
A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6
Inverted Glass House
Even Covering Of The Field
Archaeograph 1
Emojiopolis / Architecture After Language
Spolia Tribuna
Untitled Wall
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